Olympic News: Team Announcements 3

Germany and the Netherlands announce their 2016 Olympic Teams. Click on the countries to see the news.  Germany announces WAG and MAG Olympic Teams WAG Kim Bui Elisabeth Seitz Pauline Schaefer Sophie Scheder Tabea Alt Veterans Seitz and Bui will lead the team into Rio. While Scheder and Schaefer both have World ... More

Olympic News: Team Announcements 2

Brazil, Romania, North Korea, Switzerland announce their 2016 Olympic Teams. Click on the countries to see the news.  Brazil announces WAG and MAG Olympic Teams Daniele Hypolito Flavia Saraiva Jade Barbosa Lorrane dos Santos Rebecca Andrade Vetrans, Hypolito and Barbosa will lead a relatively young team into Rio. This ... More

Social Media Round-Up 2: US News

In case you missed it here are the results from US Women's P&G Championships held 2 weeks ago. Notably missing from the P&G Championships were, Norah Flatley - out with a reoccurring foot/ankle injury, Bailie Key - withdrew from the Olympic Selection process with an ongoing back issue which has hindered her preparation and will ... More

Social Media Round-Up 3

Before the Olympic kicks off in a few days, I thought I would share some crazy gym videos that have been floating around the internet. Let's start with the Triple Twisting Yurchenko...this is just incredible! Hong Un Jong from Korea has submitted this skill many times before, however I feel like we will be seeing her compete it in Rio! ... More

Olympic News: Team Announcements 1

Canada, France, Japan, Belgium announce their 2016 Olympic Teams. Click on the countries to see the news.  Canada announce their 2016 Olympic Team Following the Olympic Trials, it has been decided that veterans Ellie Black and Brittany Rogers will lead a young team into Rio. Ellie Black Brittany Rogers Isabella ... More

Olympic News 2 – Olympic Trials

This week I report on Olympic Trial news from the Netherlands,  Switzerland, Great Britain, Belgium and Germany. Click on the countries to see the news.  2016 Dutch Open Championships Dutch nationals took place this past weekend, where Eythora Thorsdottir took the AA title with 58.050. Followed by 2012 Olympian Celine Van Gerner ... More

Aussies in Anadia

The Australian women have had some great results at the Anadia World Cup Competition in Portugal. Rianna Mizzen went from National Champion to World Cup Champion over night with a stunning routine on Bars. She beat out two Chinese competitors as well as veteran Jessica Lopez (VEN) for the gold medal. The young Aussie added a wieler kip at ... More

US Men’s Olympic Team Announcement

Before reading any further, make sure to read my preview of the Olympic Trials here. After a fierce Olympic selection which comprised of 2 days of National Championships 3 weeks ago, and 2 days of Olympic Trials in St. Louis, the 2016 Olympic team has been announced. The following 5 men will be heading to Rio in August Sam Mikula... More

Canadian Nationals and Olympic Selection Camp

Following the Canadian National Championships, Gymnastics Canada announced the 11 women who will be attending the final Olympic Selection Camp. The final trials will take place on the 27th and 29th of June, before the Olympic Team announcement on the 30th of June. The athletes who are invited are Isabela Onyshko Ellie Black ... More

Social Media Round-Up 1

Social media is a great thing when it comes to being able to share what you are up to. It is good for us to see, like and share innovative or new skills. Look no further; here are some of the clips of crazy, hard and interesting skills I've seen in the past week. If you see any other videos of awesome gymnastics, please tag me on ... More